• Peanut Butter Cookies 180g

Peanut Butter Cookies 180g


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Crunchy, golden cookies with chunks of peanut butter from freshly roasted peanuts!

Hand-crafted from locally-sourced, all-natural, human-grade ingredients and oven-baked.

  • NO artificial colours or added preservatives
  • NO added salt or sugar
  • NO fillers
  • LOW fat (less than 10%)

Locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

Our bakery goods come in a resealable bag but can be stored in an airtight container for extra freshness. Items should be given as treats only and are not intended to replace a well-balanced diet. Like humans, dogs can be sensitive to certain foods so please always exorcise caution when introducing new foods to your dog.

Ingredients wholemeal flour, rolled oats, vegetable oil, peanut butter from freshly roasted peanuts

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