Darby's Dog Bakery & Deli is the first of its kind - a mobile food cart for dog treats specialising in artisan food products for hipster hounds. Similarly styled to a mobile ice-cream cart, Darby's is an original and eye-catching concept for dog shows, design fairs or food truck events!

Darby's Dog Bakery & Deli is passionate about creating fun, interesting and healthy dog treats from human-grade wholefoods that dogs - and their people - can't resist! Why should your four-legged bestie miss out on the food truck phenomenon?

Darby's started as a bit of a necessity - researching and hand-making meals and treats for Darby when we first adopted him. See, Darby had been abused and neglected and needed lots of healthy, nutritious food to get him on track. It was a bit of work but we soon discovered an untapped passion for producing high-quality, food products for dogs.

All our dog treats are made with fresh, locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients and baked or air-dried to perfection. They contain NO fillers, NO added salt or sugar and NO artificial colours or added preservatives, and are delicious and visually appealing - at least to dogs anyway!